Magic Teeth Cleaning Kit


Teeth Cleaning Kit is an innovative teeth cleaning product, developed by the latest nano technology.The interior nano capillary tube, each particle much smaller than one ten thousandth of hair, much more tiny than the toothpaste molecules, absorb stains from the micro grain of tooth.

  • Nano Tubes Technology, easy to absorb teeth stains.
  • Whiten Teeth, fast to remove plaque.
  • No Hurt Enamel, contains no chemicals. teeth cleaning kit remove the teeth stains in 1 minute whiten teeth at once

Featured Products

  • Dog dental care toothbrush products designed for petsMost Effective Toothbrush for Dogs from Shareusmile

    Effective Pet toothbrush

    Pet tooth brush is composed of the super ultra microfiber, fast to remove the stubborn stains and dirt easily.


    Product Configuration: 1  pc+ 16 refills +20 strips

    Suggested retail price: 55 dollars

    Material:Nano Sponge + PP handle, No chemicals

  • Shareusmile-New-teeth-cleaning-kit-for teeth whiteningShareusmile-Upgrade teeth cleaning kit N210 trend product for teeth whitening

    New arrival teeth cleaning kit SH210

    Upgrade  Teeth Cleaning & Whitening Kit is the best choice for smoker teeth whitening,1-2 minutes Effect,Just with water, Easy to use and carry


    Product Configuration:2 Sticks + 10Sponge Refills

    Suggested retail price:35dollars

    Material:Nano Sponge + PP handle, No chemicals

  • Teeth-whitening-sponge-strips Magic Nano Brush Teeth Cleaner

    Magic Teeth Brush Strips

    Wholesale  from the original manufacturer of teeth whitening strips for Home use , High quality teeth cleaning strips Products

    Product Configuration:1Sponge Refills

    Suggested retail price:8 dollars

    Material:Nano Sponge , No chemicals

  • shareusmile SH0305-Teeth Cleaning Kit-Natural-Way-To-Whiten-Teeth-At-work-High-Demand--Products-home-teeth-cleaning-toolsshareusmile Teeth Cleaning Kit-Similar-to-Teeth-Whitening-Pen--at-home-teeth-whitening-

    Hot-selling Whitening Teeth Kit SH0305

    Wholesale Innovative Home Teeth Cleaning Kits SH0305, The Solution To whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home,effective professional teeth whitening

    Removes Stains at once
    Whiten Teeth Naturally,No Sensitivity or Pain
    Protects Teeth & Prevents Future Stains


    Product Configuration: 1Sticks + 2Sponge Refills  or  1Sticks + 4Sponge Refills

    Suggested retail price:  30dollars

    Material:Nano Sponge + PP handle, No chemicals

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