The natural color of teeth |

The natural color of teeth

Yellow teeth are not all pathological, after opening your teeth, you can see the longitudinal section has three layers of organization structure, the outer layer is enamel. The color of the teeth varies from person to person, slightly different because the degree of calcification in each person’s teeth is different. Some people’s teeth are milky, some people are light yellow, all these are healthy.

Tooth growth

The-natural-color-of-teeth-Some-people's-teeth-are-milky,-some-people-are-light-yellow,-all-these-are-healthy more details on

The-natural-color-of-teeth-Some-people’s-teeth-are-milky,-some-people-are-light-yellow,-all-these-are-healthy more details on

The latest research finds that when the human body is fully developed, the body stops supplying auxin to the skeletal system, so the nutritional supply chain of teeth has changed dramatically. At this point, the teeth will gradually change from the white state in the childhood to the ivory color (beige) with age, in fact, this is the sign that the life of the skeletal system is gradually becoming inactive.

Missing some elements

Perhaps some elements of the tooth are also missing, making the nature of the tooth change in color. Many people think that this is just the color change on the surface of the teeth. Grind out the surface and the teeth will be white. In fact, there is not much difference between the color inside the teeth and the appearance of the teeth. This is one of the phenomenon that the changes in the physiological factors of the body affect the teeth. The influence of the changes in the physiological factors of the skeletal system on tooth are the most direct and largest. The combination of congenital genetic factors and the comprehensive factor of teething stage has completely determined the future shape of the tooth.

Genetic factors

Because of genetic factors, the teeth whiteness of the yellow race is generally inferior to that of the Negro. The color and shape of teeth as adults are determined by no interference of significant physiological factors such as tetracycline, high fluorine water, etc.

The-structure-of-the-tooth more details on

The-structure-of-the-tooth more details on

As for adults, they can keep their teeth clean, no teeth stains, no tartar, and other derivatives, and their teeth will naturally become white. No need to use artificial or chemical bleaching methods to whiten, which can only be harmful to the teeth.

Four Reasons for rhubarb teeth

And a lot of rhubarb teeth are morbid, reasons as below
1、 Health factors: Since the teeth are not well nourished or sick in the development of teeth, the calcification of the teeth will be affected, and the teeth will be yellow and crisp.
2、 Water quality factor: some areas, especially in some mountainous areas, due to the high fluoride content in water, excessive drinking fluoride can make teeth yellow, not just 1-2 teeth, is full of rhubarb teeth. Fluorine has the effect of preventing caries, so these people are not susceptible to dental caries (cavities).
3、Drug factor: most people now know that tetracycline drugs can cause yellow teeth, especially Especially when it comes to children(before 5 year old).
4、 Health habits: some people don’t pay attention to oral hygiene, they don’t brush their teeth in the morning and evening, and the surface of the teeth is piled with food residue, soft scale, dental calculus, cigarette stains, tea stains, etc. These “yellow teeth” are not yellowed by the teeth themselves, by not paying attention to oral hygiene.



Yellow tooth treatment method

The treatment method of yellow tooth is paying attention to hygienic habit.  Correctly brushing tooth, you can go to the hospital to do dental bleaching. There are already several kinds of tooth bleaching agent, which have certain effect, but most of them are higher cost; Light-cured treatment is covered a layer of resin on the tooth surface . and resin color is similar to  teeth then use a special kind of light to shine upon it. This method is elegant, convenient, efficient and cost less, but a little bit less solid; If possible, you can make porcelain tooth, had better be the porcelain veneer, can achieve the true teeth, which is the ideal repairing method, the disadvantage is to grind out the partial tooth and the cost is very expensive. If the teeth stains caused by bad personal health habit, you can use magic teeth clean kit from Share Nano, fast and effective result, but cannot replace brush tooth.

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