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The standard of oral health in the world health organization is: Keep teeth clean, no caries, no pain, natural gingival color. The authorities used to have a tooth whitening survey on workers over the age of 20 in the United States. The results showed that eighty-one percent wish they have white teeth. And thirty-nine percent thought their teeth were not white enough, and willing to whiten the teeth by taking measures.

Medically, changing the tooth color (yellow, dark, dental plaque, etc.) is called dental pigments. It may be endogenous and exogenous.

Endogenous pigments

Endogenous pigments are caused by using certain substances in the development of teeth, such as taking tetracycline or drinking water with special water quality. It is sometimes accompanied by abnormal appearance of the teeth, with common tetracycline teeth and dental fluorosis. Exogenous pigments are external tooth stains, it is because there are many kinds of bacteria on tooth surface, they secrete many sticky substance. The colored food scale (such as soy sauce, chocolate, etc.), tea stains (tea, coffee, coke, etc.) and smoke tartar and certain minerals in the drinking water adsorbed on these sticky substance, gradually make teeth become yellow or black. In addition, there are many factors that affect the color of the teeth, such as dental caries, periodontal disease, aging of the teeth, and uneven alignment of the teeth.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration ,exogenous coloring and dental plaque deposit

What Causes Tooth Discoloration ,exogenous coloring and dental plaque deposit

What causes teeth to become yellow, black and discolored?

The tooth turns black inside the teeth

Yellow and black teeth can be caused by drinking coffee, tea and coke for a long time. Teeth discoloration can be caused by other bad habits, such as smoking and chewing betel nut, as the accumulated dark pigment is deposited on the surface of the tooth, or even penetrates the tooth enamel.

The tooth turns black outside the teeth

If tetracycline is deposited in the dentin, teeth will turn yellow, brown or dark gray, known as tetracycline teeth; For the mild, the partial tooth are yellow and gray, For the severe, the whole tooth are black. The degree of discoloration depends on the amount of the drug taken and the length of the duration. Besides, discoloration can be also caused by a semi-synthetic tetracycline used to treat severe acne after the completed development of teeth in adolescents or adults.

If there is too much fluorine in drinking water, it can also cause dental fluorosis, and the teeth become white chalk color teeth with brown patches. If the necrotic tooth nerve is combined with bacterial decomposition products, it can also make the teeth black. Overeating of other substances, such as fluoride, can also cause tooth discoloration.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay makes teeth gray and black: everyone knows that decayed teeth turn black. In addition, old dental fillings or improper root canal treatment can also cause tooth discoloration.


Aging can also make teeth turn black. The tooth enamel becomes thinner with age and gradually loses its transparency. In contrast, the yellow ivory tooth enamel in the inner layer are thickened, making the teeth more and more yellow, that is the reason everyone always wants to keep teeth white and young forever.

Appropriate whitening method

The tooth whitening with dental coloring should choose the appropriate whitening method according to the condition of the tooth carefully: tooth whitening is a quite professional field, it is a gain and loss. In some cases, all kinds of whitening technologies will have some limitations (especially endogenous staining), and it is very difficult to achieve perfection. Moreover, before tooth whitening treatment, it is very important to have full understanding and recognisation, and professional and systematic whitening design.

According to statistics, there are 15 to 25 percent of smokers in China, including female smokers, which means that 200-300 million people in China have yellow and black teeth. The effects of coffee, red wine and tea on teeth are also important. In essence, tooth whitening is a procedure to remove stains and pigments from enamel and dentin. Depending on the different color of the teeth and the different stains formation reasons, different methods should be used to whiten the teeth. If timely treatment of caries, try to preserve the pulp life condition, actively treat periodontal disease, carry out oral correction, improve the dental health, and promote the appearance of teeth.

Two treatments for tooth coloration

Generally there are two treatments for tooth coloration:repairing and bleaching, or grind the teeth and do not grind the teeth. For more severe discolored teeth, it is not appropriate to rely solely on bleaching technology to change the color of the teeth. After whitening, you should pay attention on maintenance.
The effect of whitening products on the market is limited.

We have seen that in recent years, tooth whitening cosmetics have gradually become a hot market. According to the national convention, the concentration of the effective ingredients in the whitening cosmetics is limited. As a result, the whitening effect is limited for the teeth with darker teeth, especially those with endogenous coloration. In addition, it often takes long time to use whitening cosmetics before receiving certain effect. In this whitening process, the patient is often difficult to persevere in the long term because of the tooth sensitive pain and other reasons, and it is very hard to achieve the full use with the standard. So it will definitely not achieve the whitening effect.

Smile Magic Teeth Cleaning Kit Teeth Effective Whitening Kit

Smile Magic Teeth Cleaning Kit Teeth Effective Whitening Kit

Yellow tooth treatment method

The treatment method of yellow tooth are health habit, properly brushing tooth, and hospital for bleaching if need.
there are already several kinds of tooth bleaching agent, which have certain effect, but most of them need high cost.
Light-cured treatment is covered a layer of resin on the tooth surface. The resin color is similar to teeth, and then  shine upon it. This method is elegant, convenient, efficient and cost less, but a little bit less solid;
If possible, you can make porcelain tooth, had better be the porcelain veneer, can achieve the true teeth, which is the ideal repairing method, the disadvantage is to grind out the partial tooth and the cost is very expensive.
If the teeth stains caused by bad personal health habit, you can use Share Nano magic teeth clean kit , fast and effective result, but cannot replace the brush tooth.

Maintain tooth whitening Tips

After tooth whitening, you should try to reduce the intake of stain-causing food and drink. Clean the mouth in time after contacting with pigment, prevent effectively  the pigment from infiltrating the teeth. After tooth whitening, it is necessary to clean teeth, using Share Nano magic teeth clean. In addition, you also need regular dental checkups. For the teeth with dental restorations, it is also necessary to have regularly checkups. Repair and polish when necessary, and remove negative factors that affect beautiful outlook in time.

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