The principle of Magic teeth clean kit cleaning Tobacco stain

The new dental products –  “teeth cleaning kit”, can  clean quickly with tartar and tooth stains caused by smoking, drinking tea, coffee and food pigments, creating a new model of whitening teeth – sucking tartar, Teeth whitening is not a problem, it is a patented product of Xiamen Sihang.

Teeth Cleaning kit uses the latest nanotechnology; internal nanocapillary, which automatically adsorbs tartar on the tooth surface. Pure physical cleaning, a white rub, but also a bit of white teeth, let you smile!

l Easy to use: just wipe the water and wipe it gently;

l Safety and environmental protection: nanotechnology, no chemical agents;

l The effect is magic: one to three times, quickly remove tartar;

l Do not hurt the tooth glaze: the material is fine and easy to absorb the tooth stains.

shareusmile Principle of magic teeth cleaning kit!

shareusmile Principle of magic teeth cleaning kit!

 Clean teeth DIY – beauty begins with “tooth”!

Whitening cleansing teeth, creating a revolutionary method of cleaning teeth – sucking tartar, just wet the water, gently wipe the surface of the teeth, quickly remove the dirt, tea stains, coffee on the surface of the teeth Stains; its magical tooth-cleaning effect will become a revolutionary dental product and a household standing tooth cleaning product.

–Investment smile ·Win at the starting line!

Pure physical cleaning: gently wipe the surface of the tooth with tartar during leisure time, gradually remove the stains and pigments on the enamel, and clean your teeth.

Descaling – just clear water, clean teeth – a wipe


1. Wipe the white cleansing part of the whitening cleansing tooth with water, squeeze out excess water;

2. Wipe gently with the tooth stains on the front of the cleaning foam to instantly remove the stains and tartar.

3. Please rinse with water after use;

4. Remove tartar once and take effect (yellow teeth, tooth stains need to be gradual, use several times), restore the true color of the teeth;

5. Use it again after 10-15 days, the effect is better.

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