Teeth whitening sponge strip

Teeth whitening sponge strip

yellow teeth black teeth whitening strips, nanotechnology teeth cleaning strips – Quick Whitening Teeth

Name: Teeth whitening sponge strip   Density: High density
Brand: Share  Material: Melamine foam
Model: MTB04  Print Logo : Customizable
Specifications: 4 pieces of nano-cleaning strips Use: Clean the surface of the tooth from the scale / coffee stain / tea stain
Teeth whitening sponge strip

Teeth whitening sponge strip

– Invest in a smile and win at the starting line! ——

Talk about teeth status

With the improvement of living standards, people  pursue the health of their teeth,and cleanliness and beauty of their teeth. According to professional market research, nearly 98% of Chinese people have different degrees of tartar deposition.  65% are serious, and 33% of teeth have begun to change yellow or black, besides smoking \ drinking coffee\ chewing betel nut. In addition to the discoloration characteristics of the teeth, normal people are also prone to tartar.

The authorities have conducted a tooth whitening survey of office workers over the age of 20, and found that 81% of people want to have a white tooth, 39% think their teeth are not white enough, and they are willing to take measures to treat their teeth. Whitening; as a fashion trend, dental beauty has huge market potential and development prospects, and a huge wealth business opportunity is unfolding.

Great market for dental care

With the growing awareness of dental care, the era of tooth whitening has arrived, and the market calls for a healthy, convenient and effective dental product – the magical tooth cleaning effect of Mejiaxin’s toothpaste, which will become a revolutionary dental product and household items.

clean teeth magical tooth cleaning brush smoke a white smoke nemesis

Teeth whitening sponge strip

New dental products – smoke and nemesis “Teeth whitening sponge strip” is a white, fast and effective cleaning of tooth surface stains (especially smoke stains, tea stains, coffee stains). DIY, clean water, easy to clean teeth, do not hurt the tooth glaze, create a new mode of whitening teeth – sucking tartar, teeth whitening is not a problem.

——Let you quickly restore the original white teeth, show charm, and smile confidently!

“Teeth whitening sponge strip” also gives you a snowy tooth, which makes you laugh and open, and the beauty begins with “tooth”!

What is Teeth whitening sponge strip

Xiamen Share nano Teeth whitening sponge strip is made with the latest nanotechnology: internal nanocapillary (each particle is smaller than one ten thousandth of the hairline, many times smaller than the toothpaste molecule), and can be easily attached to the tiny pores of the tooth. Tooth stains quickly and effectively remove stubborn stains, tooth stains such as stubborn smoke, black stains, yellow teeth, plaque, etc. caused by smoking, tea/coffee/red wine, chewing betel nut, food coloring and water quality.

Product Character

l Nanotechnology: Nanotube technology – easy to absorb tooth stains;

l One rub is white: with 99.9% antibacterial, quickly remove tooth stains;

l Do not hurt the tooth glaze: clear water to tartar, no chemicals.

Pure physical cleaning: descaling – just clear water, tooth stains – a wipe effect;

Gently wipe the surface of the tooth with tartar during leisure time, gradually remove the stains and pigments on the enamel, and you will have a white and shiny tooth (the teeth will become whiter, more sturdy and smoother); The mouth is more refreshing.

Clean teeth DIY – gently wipe gently, easily remove the stains and pigments on the teeth enamel, quickly restore the white teeth (whiter, more sturdy, smoother), fresh breath, more charming smile!

Product application

It can easily remove tartar and tooth stains caused by smoking, drinking tea, coffee and food coloring. It can be instantly rubbed and instantly gives you an amazing whitening tooth.

Company advantage

Patented products, proprietary technology, personalized design, professional production!

Xiamen Sihang has been focusing on the research and development of compressed melamine foam for 9 years. It is a professional 4th generation nano-sponge material application solution provider.

The company has an independent production base, complete production equipment and professional talents. We successfully developed a number of innovative products.

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