Some effective way to whiten teeth

An effective way to whiten teeth is to say that “the beauty is the first, the teeth are white and seven.” The bright white teeth of a pearl attracts the eyes of many men and women. The various dental products and technologies are updated with the market, so that we can enjoy the beautiful life brought by the new technology.

According to statistics, there are 15% to 25% of smokers in China, including female smokers, which means that 200-300 million people in China have yellow and black teeth. However, whether it is coffee or tea, or if the smoke is too much, or if you eat too much tetracycline, it will cause black and yellow teeth. There are many reasons for this. Generally, it is divided into endogenous and exogenous. Two.

Exogenous is due to the presence of various bacteria on the surface of the teeth. They secrete many sticky substances on the surface of the teeth. The tea scale, smoke stains in the daily diet, and certain minerals in drinking water are adsorbed on these sticky substances. Make your teeth yellow or black. Endogenous is formed during tooth development. If tetracycline is deposited in dentin, it will make the teeth turn yellow or dark gray, called tetracycline teeth. If there is too much fluorine in drinking water, it may cause fluoride spots. The teeth have tan plaque on the tooth surface.

Teeth whitening, medically a procedure to remove stains and pigments from tooth enamel and dentin. Depending on the color of the teeth and the reasons for their formation, different ways should be used to whiten. At present, the methods of tooth whitening mainly include: conventional tooth bleaching, cold light source tooth whitening, tooth laser whitening, and repair treatment. There are advantages and disadvantages in actual use, so it is not good to say which one is better or not.

Xiamen Sihang recommends several ways to whiten your teeth and let the friends of Amy regain their bright smile!

1. Whitening toothpaste – whitening toothpaste

Professional whitening toothpaste basically does not play a big role, mainly through the physical friction between the internal friction agent and the stain on the tooth surface. Some brands of whitening toothpaste also add oxidizer, but because of the low chemical content and short brushing time, the effect of whitening is very small, which can be used as an effective maintenance method after professional whitening.

If the original tooth color does not appear black and yellow, the use of whitening toothpaste has a certain retention and promotion; but if there is obvious stain on the surface of the tooth, or the teeth are yellow due to smoking or drinking tea, use whitening toothpaste It has no effect at all.

Advantages: easy to use, moderate price. The whitening granules in the toothpaste can also effectively control the formation of oral bacteria, thereby preventing tooth decay.

Disadvantages: The effect of deep discolored teeth is not obvious enough and the cycle is long.

Active tooth bleaching – whitening tooth paste

2. Active tooth bleaching – white tooth paste

Conventional tooth bleaching utilizes a bleaching agent such as carbonate hydrogen peroxide to redox the surface of the tooth, and decolorizes the tooth to achieve the effect of whitening the tooth. By means of the tooth tray, put the tooth gel and put it firmly on the teeth. As the time of the drug increases, the color of the teeth will gradually fade and whiten.

Its advantage is: you can do it yourself at home, the number of times you want to bleach, the time you can decide. Its disadvantage is that the treatment is longer, and it takes about 2 months to achieve the desired whitening effect. The disadvantage is that the bleaching drug itself is harmful to the teeth and to the soft tissue, which can lead to tooth sensitivity, gum stimulation, dentin hardness and surface structure changes. Due to the many nerve vessels in the middle of the teeth, such decolorizing products can cause certain stimuli, such as acidity and coldness, which may cause capillary congestion and swelling of the gums. These adverse reactions will disappear after being stopped.

After using it for a period of time, many people have found that the product has a long service life: it is used every day and the usage period is more than one month. Many people are difficult to adhere to, and the decolorization effect of the teeth is also very general, the teeth will turn white in a short time, but after a period of time, the color usually turns yellow back, especially suggesting that the bleaching should not exceed 3 months.

3. Cold light whitening

Cold whitening of teeth is a technique that uses high-tech special luminescence technology to accelerate the bleaching process. After applying a higher concentration of bleaching agent to the discolored teeth, a special cold light source is applied to the bleaching agent covering the tooth surface to catalyze the special catalyst, strengthen the bleaching effect, and bleach the organic pigment in the tooth from the carbon ring structure to hydrophilicity. The pigment structure is used to achieve the effect of whitening teeth. The effect of achieving whitening is about 30 to 45 minutes, so that it can penetrate into the hard tissues of the teeth in a short time to achieve the purpose of changing the color of the teeth.

The cold light whitening technology not only has a better whitening effect on mildly discolored teeth, but also does not damage the hard tissues of the teeth, and the damage to the pulp is reduced due to the small heat generation of the light source during the treatment. When you are in professional cold light, you have to go to your mind. After you go home, you should continue to be sore for three days!

Applicable people: Suitable for light and moderate pigmented teeth, yellowing of tooth color caused by age-changing enamel and yellowing of teeth caused by long-term drinking of tea, coffee, red wine, or smoking.

Whitening cleansing tooth rub is the patented product of Xiamen Sihang using nanotechnology to manufacture

4. Whitening Teeth cleaning kit

Whitening Cleaning kit is a patented product of Xiamen Sihang. It is manufactured by nanotechnology: internal nanocapillary (each particle is smaller than one ten thousandth of the hair, many times smaller than the toothpaste molecule), and can be easily attached to the tooth. Tooth stains in the hole quickly remove stubborn stains, tooth stains such as stubborn smoke, black stains, yellow teeth, plaque, etc. caused by smoking, tea/coffee/red wine, chewing betel nut, food coloring and water quality.

Pure physical cleaning: Descaling – just clear water, clean teeth – a rubbing effect; gently wipe the surface of the tooth with tartar during leisure, step by step, easily remove the stains and pigments on the enamel, and you can clean your teeth.

Clean teeth DIY – let you easily maintain your teeth in a busy, white, bright, fresh breath, smile! With the increasing awareness of dental care, the tooth whitening era has arrived, and the market calls for a healthy, convenient and effective dental cleaning product – the magical tooth cleaning effect of whitening and cleansing teeth, which will become a revolutionary dental product and household standing items.

5. Laser teeth whitening

The principles of laser tooth whitening and cold-light tooth whitening have similarities. The difference is that the laser is hot, and the light and cold light are completely different. High-heat lasers can cause high sensitivity of teeth and dehydration of teeth. After whitening, teeth will appear white ochre, commonly known as white wall skin color. It is not as comfortable as cold-light teeth. It is not natural. This decolorization technology is gradually withdrawing from aesthetic teeth. Field of science.

6. Whitening tooth pen

It has a brush head on the front end. It is brushed on each tooth before going to bed. It wakes up the next morning and then washes it off. It also has a good whitening effect.

7. Tooth powder

The main raw material of the tooth powder is calcium carbonate, soap powder and a small amount of saccharin, spices, sodium perborate and other abrasives, these materials have a strong cleaning effect. To replace the toothpaste, use a rubber toothbrush to rub the tooth powder, gently rub it on the surface of the tooth, then rinse the mouth with water to wash away the tooth powder in the mouth.

Tooth powder is powdery. It has a large friction coefficient with respect to creamy toothpaste. It has a very strong ability to remove dirt floating on the surface. If it is used for a long time, it will wear off your enamel and it will be extremely harmful to the teeth. Moreover, many tooth powders have a strong whitening formula, which has a certain effect on teeth whitening. However, people with tooth damage and oral ulcers should not use it.

8. Washing the stick

The toothbrush is mainly designed for small plaque. The toothbrush contains abrasive and anti-caries ingredients, which can be wiped separately for the dirt, coffee stains, tea stains and food residue on the teeth.

Thoroughly clean the teeth before use, then gently rub the tooth surface with the cleaning head. Changing the rubbing direction from time to time will make the teeth white and clear, and can also be used at any time when the color of the teeth is not satisfactory.

Most of the cleaning sticks are very small, and some are shaped like small cotton swabs. They are very convenient to carry, and they are combined with natural mint spices to remove the tone. But the effect is limited.

Ultrasonic cleaning teeth

9. Ultrasonic cleaning teeth

Ultrasonic tooth washing method, commonly known as washing teeth (medically known as “”sputum cleaning””), refers to the removal of stones and calcified dirt, tooth stones, plaque and color by high frequency oscillation of ultrasonic waves. Polish the tooth surface to delay the redeposition of plaque and calculus. For thick layer dyeing, most of the teeth can be removed by ultrasonic cleaning; however, where the teeth have pits, grooves, or abutment, the stain is not easily removed.

Ultrasonic cleaning method, because it cleans the teeth by ultrasonic vibration, the advantage is that the effect is obvious in a short period of time, the surface of the tooth will become invisible to the naked eye after use, and soon the tooth stain and the calculus will reattach to the tooth. The surface, even more attached, is more difficult to clean. Frequent use of the teeth can still cause damage.

Ultrasonic cleaning, technically requires the doctor’s technology and experience to be good, otherwise it is easy to cause sequelae after cleaning teeth. This is due to the ultrasonic cleaning method, which uses ultrasonic waves to impact the deep calculus under the armpit. It is easy to cause cleaning. Wounds and bleeding during the cleaning process are inevitable. The gums in the password are easily infected by germs. Secondly, ultrasonic cleaning is often performed, which may lead to accelerated damage of the enamel, and the dentin is allergic to acid cold. Dentin hypersensitivity is caused by the exposure of dentin after enamel damage. Finally, ultrasonic cleaning is not suitable for patients with high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Frequent cleaning of the teeth also increases the risk of cross-infection of the blood during the cleaning process due to hidden dangers in the disinfection of the device.

10. Sandblasting method

The sandblasting method uses a dental sandblasting machine consisting of special salt sand particles. The high pressure is water retention. Further cleaning of the teeth can remove all the stains on the tooth surface. Including the cavity on the surface of the tooth, the groove, and the abutment surface, sand blasting can improve the gloss of the tooth and help the aesthetics of the tooth.

The above method mainly removes plaque, calculus, and dyeing attached to the surface of the tooth, and restores the original color of the tooth to achieve a clean whitening effect. If it is the color change of the texture of the tooth itself, I am afraid that it is necessary to use the peroxidation gas to achieve the effect of whitening the teeth.

In the sand blasting method, a layer of salt sand is sprayed on the surface of the tooth. In patients with gingival recession, the gum itself is in a sensitive condition for a long time. Once it is stimulated by the outside, it is prone to redness and swelling of the gums, which aggravates the atrophy of the gums.

Dental care summary

Regardless of which whitening tooth product is used, it should be use like a drug. We understand the ingredients it contains, various adverse reactions that may be caused, and choose according to your own situation. In comparison, we are more willing to recommend consumers to wash their teeth plaque, tartar, oral health. Also you can  use Mejiaxin teeth cleaning and whitening kit (physical teeth) to solve smoking, drinking coffee, etc. Caused tartar and mild discoloration of the teeth.

Regular tooth washing, cleaning your teeth and developing good brushing habits are also the fundamental way to whiten your teeth.

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