Why choose Xiamen Share Nano Technology Company teeth cleaning kit

Xiamen Share Nano Technology Co., Ltd is Leader for Melamine Foam Application in China,who can provide application and solution for melamine foam in the worldwide.

The company has owned the independent production base and made new breakthroughs on nano materials and obtained product patents and successfully developed a number of innovative products.

We devotes to the application of oral cleaning product, developing the magic teeth clean kit with revolutionary way to clean teeth—absorb the teeth stains, fast to remove stains from teeth surface caused by smoking,tea and coffee. Whiten teeth at once, easy to recover your snow white smile.

Corporate philosophy

Concentration brings professional; Innovation beautifies life!

Corporate mission

Start with new technology/ new life/ new product.

Lead a fresh/green/healthy lifestyle!

Product:Magic teeth clean kit

Hot sell shareusmile Magic teeth clean kit effective cleaning tartar and tooth stains

Hot sell shareusmile Magic teeth clean kit effective cleaning tartar and tooth stains

Xiamen Share Nano magic teeth clean kit is an innovative teeth cleaning kit developed by the latest nano technology. Each nano particle in the interior nano capillary tube is smaller than one ten thousandth of a hair strand, immensely smaller than molecules in toothpaste , and easily absorb teeth stains from teeth micro-hole. It’s most effective against stubborn stains and plaque caused by smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, chewing betel nut, food colourings and tobacco stains, black stains,brown teeth stains,heavy teeth plaque caused by water quality.

Nano technology: Nano tubes technology, No chemical used.

Only add water: Instant effect, effectively erase teeth stains

No hurt enamel:  finely textured melamine foam, easily absorbs teeth stains

The product works based on the pure physical absorption principle, needs water only to erase teeth stains,clean teeth at the first use; Easily maintain your teeth white and bright,& make your smile more charming!

DIY teeth clean kit—-Restores white teeth instantly, returns a snow white smile.

—–Invest in your smile, win at the starting line!—-

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