What date is Thanksgiving in 2018

What date is Thanksgiving in 2018

Xiamen share nano reminds everyone that Thanksgiving Day is coming, and 2018 Thanksgiving Day is November 22, 2018, Thursday. Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival created by the American people and a festival of American family gatherings. There is no fixed date for Thanksgiving at the beginning, and it is temporarily decided by the states of the United States. Until 1863, when the United States became independent, President Lincoln announced Thanksgiving as a national holiday. In 1941, the US Congress officially designated the fourth Thursday of November each year as “Thanksgiving Day.” Thanksgiving holidays generally last from Thursday to Sunday.


Thanksgiving – what can we do?

In our cultural traditions, we have been advocating gratitude since ancient times, and the grace of dripping water and the report of Yongquan are exactly the same. In this day that was originally grateful, let us go back to this matter of gratitude.We sincerely say thank you to parents who raised us and the people who helped us.

Maybe there are thousands of words in your heart that you can’t say. How to send our care to our family and our friends. It’s great to express our gratitude with “teeth cleaning kit”.

teeth cleaning kit a New Creative Products for Thanksgiving day

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Thanksgiving is a happy celebration, a day of family reunion, and a time to reunite friendship. Here, Xiamen Share also wishes everyone a happy holiday.


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