New Pet Toothbrush arrival

Pet Toothbrush adopts physical absorption principle to clean Pet’s teeth, Specially designed brushes for dogs and cats to help maintain good dental health. Features soft melamine foam brush head for comfort brushing your pet’s teeth easy and effective. Works to remove plaque from the tooth’s surface, achieve professional cleanings.


Pet toothbrush designs make it easy to find a brush to meet all dental needs. it allows easy cleaning the teeth of any sized pet.
Add water only, No hurt tooth enamel,clean and whiten pet’s teeth stains in minutes
angled design and tapered brush head fits pets’ mouth for a comfortable cleaning. Helps to keep plaque off of tooth surfaces for healthier teeth and gums, reducing the number of costly professional cleanings needed.
The long handle can get a good grip! great for getting into those hard to reach spaces behind your dog’s teeth and in the back of his mouth.
melamine foam safe material for easy cleaning.

Why brush teeth for your dog regularly?

85% of adult dogs and cats are affected by periodontal disease which can lead to bad breath, tooth loss and in severe cases can spread bacteria through the body, causing infections in the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.
The best way to prevent dental disease is to brush your dog’s teeth every day.

Pet toothbrush from shareusmile clean your dog teeth stains just water

shareusmile pet teeth cleaning kit new dog dental care product

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