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How to brush your dog teeth

Deep Teeth Cleaning…Do or Don’t

First and foremost, a regular teeth cleaning for the medical practitioners at the vet can range between $200-$400 out of your pocket. Getting rid of plaque and tartar is tough by ordinary toothbrush.

Are you looking for an effective and easy use dog toothbrush product worked great.



Shareusmile Pet Toothbrush provide deep teeth cleaning just at home, it is professional tools on how to fully clean all of your dog’s teeth, along with tartar and plaque. and  the gums are not irritated.

Quick result, healthy and safe:

  • Add water only, clean and whiten pet’s teeth stains in minutes
  • Helps reduce stains and tartar build-up for healthier teeth and gums
  • No hurt tooth enamel. Safe for use with dogs and cats


Moisturize the sponge strip with water and squeeze out excess water

  1. Gently and repeatedly brush pet’s teeth up and down for at least minutes
  2. Refill the new spongefor every cleaning
  3. Use 2-3 times a week to clean teeth, help control bad breath, and help reduce the risk of gum disease
  4. For severe tartar, use regularly to reduce teeth stains

It is really  dog-friendly toothbrushes. Brushing a dogs teeth once every 1  or 2 weeks did to help the dog.

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