One Minute White Teeth by Teeth Cleaning Kit

A bright smile promotes your confidence, snow-white teeth are the first-line to show charm! Magic teeth cleaning kit absorb the stains from teeth surface fastly. It’s especially used to remove the stubborn teeth stains and plaque caused by smoking, coffee, iced teas, areca-nut, and other food colorings.

Only water is needed, easy tooth cleaning, no scratch, so that your teeth are healthier, white and beautiful, smiling mouth often open!

One Minute White Teeth by Teeth Cleaning Kit

One Minute White Teeth by Teeth Cleaning Kit

1.How long does it take to see the obvious result?

The effect is obvious as soon as you erase the tooth for 1-2 minutes. Especially for tobacco teeth.

It is proved that part of stains or tartar has been removed off teeth, as long as you find the sponge is not as white as before, like turn to be brown. Yellow teeth needs several times to restore the original color of teeth.

2.How long the effect lasts?

It depends on people’s dietary habit and living habit. Usually we will say it around 15 days.

But it will be shorter for heavy smoker or often people often drink coffee or tea.

3.How often you need to use it to keep your teeth white?

We will suggest people use it regularly to keep teeth always white, for example once two week. It is still up to people’s habit. Natural Teeth cleaning/whitening is a long-term nursing process but not one-off.

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