Easy to use and instant effect Teeth Cleaning Kit

Why choose Teeth Cleaning Kit

It remove teeth stains with just water, clean teeth instantly result.

  • Quasi-nanotube: Capillary technology, easy to absorb tooth stains;
  • Ultra-microfiber: Quickly remove tartar, and clean teeth on the spot;
  • No hurt the enamel: Clean teeth with water only, no peroxide.

Applicable : It can easily remove tartar stains caused by tea, coffee, tobacco & cola drinks. Gives you amazing whitening tooth instantly

Principle of magic teeth cleaning kit!

Principle of magic teeth cleaning kit!

Teeth Cleaning Kit 3 Feature

Physical cleaning

remove teeth stains with water only, instant result, non-toxic and eco-friendly, chemical free

Wipe clean

Ultra-microfiber, quickly remove tartar and easily absorb tooth stains in micro holes in teeth.

No hurt the tooth enamel

Micro-fine material: many times smaller than toothpaste particles. With water only, easily absorb tartar and tooth stains


More advantages for Teeth Clean Kit


Logo printed on handle is available

Easy to replace cleaning head and cleaning strips

English general packaging, OEM packaging

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