How to Protect Your White Teeth From Coffee Stains

How-to-Protect-Your-White-Teeth-From-Coffee-StainsIf you’re a coffee lover , you might probably know coffee stained our pearly white teeth. It’s a fact that drinking coffee on a regular basis will gradually stain your teeth. From cappuccinos, espressos to lattes and frappes.

Because tannins in coffee build up on tooth enamel leading up to discoloration. Despite brushing your teeth, it probably won’t whiten as much compared to your pre-coffee days.

To cut things short, the coffee liquid turns into a solid form which eventually becomes a teeth stain. if you’re looking for ways to help maintain your pearly whites, we’ve got solutions for you.

1.Chew on strawberries.

Since strawberries contains a lot of folic acid, it eventually works to remove stains on teeth making them a tad bit sparkly white. It also contains a lot of vitamins such as A, B1, B2 and C, so you’re sure to possess a good amount of anti-inflammatory sources. It’s definitely a natural and fresh way to remove coffee stains!

2: Sip water between cups of coffee

Did you know that a swig of water can wash away staining liquids quickly before they can even start to set into your teeth? It’s also a great way to be healthy while making sure your teeth stays clean and white.

Smile Magic Teeth Cleaning Kit Teeth Effective Whitening Kit

Smile Magic Teeth Cleaning Kit Teeth Effective Whitening Kit

3: Use an effective teeth whitening kit

New teeth whitening kits like our teeth cleaning kit have been specifically designed to give you maximum results in just 7 days! Each application only takes about 3 minutes or so, but the results are truly fascinating. Plus, it just need water only, not hurt enamel.


Main advantage

  1. Perfect Pre-Whitening Treatment.
  2. Magically erases and absorbs dental plaqu and teeth stains on teeth surface.
  3. Maximize Whitening: cleans teeth allowing whitening gel to better penetrate the enamel
  4. Much easier, quicker to achieve more professional teeth whitening result.

The next time you sip your favorite coffee, make sure to follow our tips on how to avoid coffee stains for that uber-confidence and sparkly smile you deserve!

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