Share the pros and cons of common pet oral care products on the market

一、Finger Toothbrush for Dogs



Finger Toothbrush is Cleaning your pet teeth with physical friction . According to material classification, there are two kinds of textile finger cots and silicone finger cots: the former has a special woven cloth head, which has greater friction than the gauze finger cot, the quality of cotton is very good, and the finger parts are thick. Increases friction; silicone finger cuffs look stiff and actually feel soft. Both types of finger cots use fingers instead of toothbrushes to help pets adapt to the process of brushing their teeth. In the early period of brushing training, the owner lacks the corresponding method, or for pets with poor socialization, this tool can be used to help the pet to adapt and familiarize the owner with the process of touching the teeth. However, finger cots also have certain disadvantages. It requires the owner to put their hands into the pet’s mouth. Because the fingers are much larger than the pet’s teeth, it is not convenient for pets with smaller mouths, especially cats; Pets with larger mouths are more suitable.

二、Pet Toothbrush

Pet Toothbrush  can help you care for your small dog’s oral health. It’s specifically made for small breed dogs and cats. It is equipped with a small head, soft bristles and a reverse angle to accommodate the narrow mouths of small dogs.

Multi-head toothbrushes for dogs can be especially convenient for reaching all sides of your pet’s teeth with just one stroke.

But dog toothbrush is mainly to clean food residues. It is difficult to clean Tooth stains and tartar.

三、Electric dog toothbrush

Electric dog toothbrush cleans the inside and outside surfaces of your dog’s teeth at the same time. It brushes at the recommended 45 degree angle as well. An electric toothbrush will cost you a little bit more, but it will save you time. One drawback is the noise that it makes. Keep that in mind if you have a timid dog that is likely to be frightened by the sound of an electric toothbrush.


四、Silicon Pet Toothbrush Bone\ Dog chew toy bones\ Dog chew sticks\Dog Chew Toys

Silicon Pet Toothbrush Bone Dog chew toy bones Dog chew sticksDog Chew Toys

Silicon Pet Toothbrush Bone Dog chew toy bones Dog chew sticksDog Chew Toys

It can slow or reduce the formation of calculus by rubbing against the tooth surface; by chewing friction, stimulate the secretion of saliva to clean the teeth. , Treating the symptoms but not the root causes. In addition, some dentifrices contain xylitol in the ingredients, which is not suitable for dogs to eat. Be careful when selecting them.
Careful selection is required based on the weight of the dog, and the size is not easy to vomit; some ingredients stimulate the stomach, and sensitive pets should be used with caution; long-term use is required to slowly take effect (at least 2 weeks-4 weeks).

五、Dog toothpaste gel, dog mouthwash, dog dental water additive, etc.

The harmful bacteria in the mouth are suppressed through daily use,thereby reducing the impact of oral bacteria on teeth and gums. Because it contains pharmaceutical ingredients to inhibit plaque growth;

And dog dental water can not replace tooth brushing and can not remove food residues in the teeth gaps;

Also Drink directly without staying in the mouth, It can not achieve the efficacy of human mouthwash and teeth;

The dentifrice mixed in the drinking water basin is prone to breed bacteria when exposed to the air;

A reasonable proportion of water is needed, the proportion is not balanced, the effective ingredients will be diluted, the effective ingredients will be damaged, and it is not suitable for pets with gastrointestinal sensitivity. After hepatointestinal metabolism, the efficacy of the medicine will be weakened, and it will take a long time to take effect.

六、Anesthesia for Dogs wash teeth

Anesthesia is a medical program in pet hospitals for oral diseases in pets. Anesthesia and tooth washing cannot be operated in ordinary pet grooming shops. Due to the need for professional equipment, pet owners must take their pets to the hospital for treatment.

And Animals often cannot tolerate the noise and vibration of the ultrasonic dental scaler, which means that without anesthesia, the veterinarian cannot use the ultrasonic dental scaler to complete the work quickly and efficiently. so the process of washing the teeth is very painful for the dog, Because dogs cannot eat or drink for 12 hours before washing their teeth. Of course, this factor mainly takes into account the general anesthesia. In order to prevent the dog from vomiting during the operation, foreign bodies get into the organs and die.In addition, the dog has to undergo a simple physical examination before washing his teeth, which is not easy for the dog. Dogs will be uncomfortable for several days after washing their teeth and cannot eat normal food.


七、New Pet toothbrush

Innovative pet toothbrush make it easy to clean the teeth of any sized pet.Add water only, No hurt tooth enamel,lean and whiten pet’s teeth stains in minutes. The cleaning strip is made of melamine foam. Easily remove the stubborn stains and whiten the teeth.No need suffering the painful treatment.No any kind of chemical material, The special ultra microfiber 3D net structure forms strong suction after moisturized. You can have a deep cleaning for your pet tooth.

At the same time of daily care, professional inspection and care are also necessary. Be sure go to a professional pet store for regular oral inspections to keep the oral cavity in a benign environment to extend the life of your teeth.

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