Value-added products for dental clinic services

Value-added products for dental clinic services

Small and medium-sized dental clinics are located in the streets and alleys, and the service items are also common oral diseases. so which clinic be choosed not only considering experts and word of mouth, the value-added activities of dental clinics can also help you attract new customer.  For example, when finished a dental cleaning service,  a small practical life gift like magic teeth clean kit,  the activity may be discussed for a long time, even forming a good publicity for you.

Why is teeth clean kit so practical?

If you love to drink tea, smoke, coffee, cola or red wine, you will find that your teeth slowly turn black and yellow. This is because the surface of the teeth is covered with a layer of enamel, which is almost entirely composed of a kind of hydroxyphosphate. Composed of minerals in greystone, hydroxyapatite is a hard crystal formed by the combination of calcium and phosphate ions, which ensures the hardness of bones and teeth. But in the enamel, there are many places where easy-staining things such as food, coffee, wine, etc. can hide.
Regular brushing and flossing can remove most foreign bodies on your teeth. But once there are stains on the enamel, you will need a more powerful method, such as magic teeth cleaning kit.

What is magic teeth clean kit

Value-added products for dental clinic services magic teeth cleaning kit

magic teeth cleaning kit is a functional tooth cleaning products developed by Xiamen Share Nano Technology Co., Ltd. It is manufactured using melamine. The internal nanocapillary structure of each particle is smaller than one ten thousandth of the hair, and is smaller than the toothpaste molecule. Many times smaller, it can automatically absorb tartar stains such as tobacco stains, coffee stains, benglang stains, and tea stains on the surface of the teeth. The effect is remarkable and does not damage the tooth surface. It does not contain chemical cleaning agents, and the material is soft and dense. Only water is required , it easily clean your teeth without leaving scratches, so that the teeth can be restored to whiteness!

magic teeth cleaning kit can be used not only as a good product for maintaince customers, but also as a product sold to increase the income of dental clinics.

Xiamen Share Nano Technology Co., Ltd magic teeth cleaning kit not only sell well in pharmacies and dental clinics, but also cooperate with chain hotels and supermarkets. This is because the powerful cleaning function, wipe off the stains on the teeth directly. At the same time, as a simple tool to maintain the whitening effect of teeth, magic teeth cleaning kit can be used for sensitive teeth without discomfort. It is suitable for long-term use and has a high repurchase rate.

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