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I want white teeth, but they are really sensitive

I want white teeth, but they are really sensitive. what should I do? Everyone wants their teeth to remain as white as possible. Not only does it boost one’s confidence tremendously but also improves the overall look of the smile. but mostly teeth whitening can come at a cost in the form of sensitivity. If you happen to be experiencing tooth sensitivity, then you might want to think carefully about your teeth-whitening regime. Please note the smallest of details could help [...]

A good start-up project - shareusmile Magic teeth cleaning kit win at the starting line

A good start-up project – Magic teeth cleaning kit

A good start-up project – Magic teeth cleaning kit – Invest in a smile and win at the starting line! –  With the improvement of living standards, people not only pursue the health of teeth, but also pay more attention to the cleanliness and beauty of teeth. Professional market research shows that nearly 98% people have different degrees of tartar deposition, of which 65% are serious. 33% of the teeth have begun to change color (yellowing, blackening), in addition to smoking, [...]

Funny Teeth Cleaning Kit VS Other Teeth Whitening Products

Are you still having trouble to clean the brown teeth caused by coffee, smoking, iced tea and other food colourings ? Have you ever tried some different teeth cleaning products, as below ? Teeth Whitening Products Characteristics 1.Laser/Ultrasonic Wave – cleaning Take time and high expense Hurt enamel, susceptible to infection. 2.Whitening Strips/Beyond Whitening – bleaching Intolerable side effects, low safely and slow effect. 3.Whitening Toothpaste – whitening Few effect, no obviousness. 4.Dental Powder/Stick – whitewash Take long and injure enamel.   Funny Teeth Cleaning Kit advantage 1, Nano Technology Nano technology, the particle is [...]

Tips for teeth cleaning | shareusmile.com

remove stains and pigments from the enamel and dentine Tips for teeth cleaning In modern society, People are paying more and more attention to their appearance, having shiny white teeth has become one of the criteria for modern beauty. Not only women, but men who pursue high quality of life also want their teeth whiter and healthier. Some people are afraid to laugh, afraid to expose their black and yellow teeth. But, for the different ways of tooth whitening, such as whitening [...]

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