Best Selling Pet Tooth Brush

Best Selling Pet Tooth Brush

Pet tooth brush offers an easier and more natural way to brush pets’ teeth. It can easily and effectively remove and sweep away food debris, stains/tartar.


Product Configuration: 1  pc+ 4 refills +20 strips

Suggested retail price: 30 dollars

Material:Nano Sponge + PP handle, No chemicals

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Best Selling Pet ToothBrush is an innovative dog dental kit developed with the super absorption capacity. It will remove pets’ stubborn stains on teeth easily and whitening and brightening your dog’s teeth, Reduce the possibility of dental disease in future.

It works based on pure physical absorption principle, Slowly brush teeth after water mositure the sponge. It can easily remove the most obvious and heavy stubborn teeth stains  in minutes. For best results, brush 2-3 times per week.

Key Benefits of Our Pet ToothBrush

Innovative design

The inclined and tapered design of the heads are suitable for the pet’s mouth, allows you to easily clean teeth of different-size dogs.

Fast effect and Safe to use

Remove the stubborn teeth stains just in minutes,Just with water, no hurt enamel.

Longer handle design

The  Longer handle design  makes it easy to brushes and you can grip very well. The size and shape of the heads allows you to clean in the back of dog’s mouth and get to those hard-to-reach places where tartar and plaque accumulate. These work for both small and large breed pets.

Great Value & High Quality

This package come in set of 1 handle + 4 refills heads +20 strips, It is tested and controlled to lower the risk of harming your pet, yet optimize
the effect brushing off the grime and tartar.

Suitable for: Dogs, cats, most pets, keep healthy by this pet toothbrush.


1. Moisturize the sponge strip with water and squeeze out excess water

2. Gently and repeatedly brush pet’s teeth up and down for at least minutes.

3. Refill the new sponge for every cleaning.

4. Use 2-3 times a week to clean teeth, help control bad breath, and help reduce the risk of gum disease.

5. For severe tartar, use regularly to reduce teeth stains

Best Selling Pet Tooth Brush Suitable forDogs, cats, most pets

shareusmile pet tooth brush are more comfortable for your pets, thus give you an easier process for cleaning your pet’s teeth.

shareusmile-pet-toothbrush-kit- is a must-have for dog owners who want to keep their pet's teeth healthy and clean

easy to use pet toothbrush



Model Number:


Product Configuration:

1 pc+ 4 refills +20 strips


Nano Sponge + PP handle, No chemicals


110*23*168 mm


clean and whiten pet’s teeth in minutes.

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Factory Direct Supplier and Manufacturer ,Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening

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Standard Export Package : Single in Retail Box + Bulk in Polybag + Master Carton.

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