New order from Northern Europe– Dental eraser

New Dental eraser order from Northern Europe

Here is a new order 40,000packs from customer in  Northern Europe, share with you.

teeth cleaning kit from Northern Europe

teeth cleaning kit from Northern Europe

How it works

Innovative Dental eraser is composed of stick and sponge, The work part is the sponge strip. It is composed of the super ultra microfiber that is much smaller than one-hundred-thousandth of hair and much smaller than the toothpaste molecules. Once moistened, it forms into thousands of capillaries, which turn into a special 3D structure with super absorption capacity. so the sponge can scrub off and absorb stubborn stains from the tooth surface easily.

Dental eraser Advantages and benefits

1. Perfect Pre-Whitening Treatment.
2. Magically erases and absorbs dental plaque and teeth stains on teeth surface.
3. Maximize Whitening: cleans teeth allowing whitening bleaching gel to better penetrate the enamel
4. Much easier, quicker to achieve more professional teeth whitening result.

Who are share nano

Share nano is magic Teeth Cleaning Kit factory

Share nano is magic Teeth Cleaning Kit factory

Established in 2010, Share Nano located in the costal Xiamen city, which has 10 years of researching and developing production of innovative oral care products.

We have own professional production line: dust free workshop, and triple sterilization: UV sterilization, Dry High temperature sterilization, Ozone’s sterilization.
Magic teeth clean kit is our Exclusive Patent product. It is unique in the world markets.
OEM and ODM services are available.

Magic Dental eraser Marketing advice

If you have big pharmacy chain stores,dental stores, clinics.
If you have  beauty salon, tanning salon and nail salon.
If you have department stores, supermarkets stores.
It is a good product addition for your business, Samples are available to test the quality.  Contact at at once.

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