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Why Dogs Need Dental Care Too

Oral hygiene is an often-overlooked but important factor in your dog’s overall health. If he has a toothache or sore gums, he’s dealing with pain and stress that you may not even know about. Left untreated, bacteria introduced by the problem can enter the bloodstream and affect his heart, kidneys or liver. Veterinarians report that an estimated 85 percent of dogs over age 4 are suffering from some form of periodontal disease, a painful oral condition that can lead [...]

30 Oral knowledge questions

Oral knowledge should know 30 questions Guideline: Every day from health to love, X,iamen Sihang and you relive the basic knowledge of oral health, always remember the importance of dental care! 1.If the deciduous tooth have a hole ,doesit to make up? Teeth begin to grow since we were six or seven months old, and when we were twelve or three years old, the deciduous teeth were completely replaced with permanent teeth. The health of deciduous teeth is the guarantee for the [...]

Some effective way to whiten teeth

An effective way to whiten teeth is to say that “the beauty is the first, the teeth are white and seven.” The bright white teeth of a pearl attracts the eyes of many men and women. The various dental products and technologies are updated with the market, so that we can enjoy the beautiful life brought by the new technology. According to statistics, there are 15% to 25% of smokers in China, including female smokers, which means that 200-300 million [...]

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