What is the Chinese pet market?

The global pet market has exceeded 200 billion, with an overall growth rate of about 20%, of which pet food and pet supplies with obvious consumer goods attributes are the mainstay. The scale of pet food is about 45 billion rmb, mainly including staple food and snacks, and health products. The majority of staple foods account for 80% of the penetration rate. Nestlé and Mars have a higher share. Pet food is also Nestlé’s fastest growing sector in 2019 (7.3%). [...]

Which teeth whitening method is effective?

Which whitening method is effective? In fact, the color of the tooth itself is determined by both “enamel” and “dentin”.The outermost layer of teeth is “enamel”, The inner layer of enamel is “dentin”. Therefore, you must distinguish whether the enamel is damaged, and then consider which method to whiten teeth . Now, most teeth whitening products use chemicals to bleach teeth, which makes many people worry if it harmful to health? If you do not want to use chemicals, Is there a healthy [...]

Where do companies find the selling products for TikTok

TikTok is the largest short-form video platform that contains a majority of teenage users. On this platform, different users create unique videos. And where do companies choose the selling products on this social platform with big traffic. So how to select products that have market prospects and customer bases, these tips must be understood. 1.Choose cost-effective products We try to choose products with a price between 50 and 100 rmb , They are not too expensive, allowing people to buy at will. 2.Choose [...]

What are the tips for cross-border selection in 2020?

Xiamen Share Nano helps you choose potential hot-selling products Selecting a product is a very headache. Most people have two strategies, one is to follow popular products, and the other is to choose small categories of products to do. Xiamen Share Nano Technology Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer recommend. Because the public has recognized the quality and service of som brands product. Similarly, products with too small market capacity are not recommended, too small capacity means smaller market capacity. Why Choose magic teeth cleaning [...]

Shareusmile pet toothbrush effective new Toothbrush for Dogs

Effective new Toothbrush for Dogs Dental hygiene is important for our pets. Regular care of your pet’s teeth will help prevent dental problems developing and help to keep your pet healthy, as well as preventing stressful and expensive veterinary treatment. Shareusmile pet toothbrush prevents plaque and tartar build-up. Your dog will thank you for it. Why choose shareusmile pet toothbrush This Pet toothbrush is an innovative product for pets that helps to reduce stubborn stains and tartar. It clean teeth dirt and [...]

Share Nano Magic Teeth Cleaning Kit Reviews | shareusmile

Reviews for Pro Nano Teeth Whitening Kit magic teeth Cleaning kit You’ve probably noticed the large selection of take-home teeth whitening kits in market. Maybe you’ve even thought about trying one yourself, but weren’t sure if it was worth your investment. Share Nano Magic Teeth Cleaning Kit works wonders on coffee, smoke, wine and tea stained teeth. Once the sponge strip is moistened, it can then easily and effectively scrub off and absorb dental plaque and stubborn stains from tooth surface. And your [...]

2020 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

2020 Spring Festival Holiday Notice Dear old and new customers: Thank you for your long-term trust and support for Xiamen Share Nano Technology Co., Ltd . On the coming of the 2020 Spring Festival, all colleagues wish you a happy New Year! Xiamen Share Nano will be on holiday from January 23, 2020 (Thursday) to January 30, 2020 (Saturday), and back to work on January 31, 2020. Orders during the holiday period will be shipped after January 31. In case of emergency, [...]

Xiamen Share Nano 2020 year Annual Feast

Laughter greets for a brilliant chapter begins in 2020. Xiamen Share Nano Technology Co., Ltd welcomes the new year. And wish you happy new year , and hope you will make a lot of money. You are the best in “Rats” ! Xiamen Share Nano 2020 year Annual Feast Let’s respect the past with a glass of wine and work hard; respect the present with a glass of wine and not forgetting our original intention; respect the future with a glass of wine and move forward!

How to clean your teeth with a simple all-in-one solution for your dog

clean dog teeth by dog nano ToothBrush Dog nano ToothBrush Easy tooth cleaning kit for dog teeth. just water and scrub away any impurities. One pack contains 1 handle and 5 refill brush heads. It can be used daily, weekly, or as needed for dental cleaning. 3 Advantage Rapid improvement of oral hygiene Soap-free cleaning with only water Sponge brush with gentle nanopores More details about dog teeth cleaning kit at sharenano@shareusmile.com.

Mountain climbing for team-building activities

Mountain climbing and enjoy tea and dinner for team-building activities Mountain climbing and enjoy tea and dinner for Share Nano team-building activities On December 23, Xiamen Share Nano took a walking tour on the Xiamen Health Trail for team-building activities,  and we spent a wonderful and fulfilling day. Take your time, walk over the treetops and walk through the forest, we experience communication with nature in this bustling city life. And through this extraordinary event, we invigorated our spirits and energies, further enhanced our team cohesion [...]

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