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Can Pets Catch the New Coronavirus?

Dogs and cats in contact with humans have tested positive for COVID-19. However, there is no evidence that these animals can transmit the disease to humans and spread COVID-19. No evidence shows  animals  transmit the disease to humans and spread COVID-19 Dr. Niels Pedersen, a renowned expert on infectious and immunologic diseases in dogs and cats, provides the following: There is absolutely no evidence to link coronavirus infections of cats with the disease in humans. Coronaviruses exist in most animals and are [...]

What is the Chinese pet market?

The global pet market has exceeded 200 billion, with an overall growth rate of about 20%, of which pet food and pet supplies with obvious consumer goods attributes are the mainstay. The scale of pet food is about 45 billion rmb, mainly including staple food and snacks, and health products. The majority of staple foods account for 80% of the penetration rate. Nestlé and Mars have a higher share. Pet food is also Nestlé’s fastest growing sector in 2019 (7.3%). [...]

Which teeth whitening method is effective?

Which whitening method is effective? In fact, the color of the tooth itself is determined by both “enamel” and “dentin”.The outermost layer of teeth is “enamel”, The inner layer of enamel is “dentin”. Therefore, you must distinguish whether the enamel is damaged, and then consider which method to whiten teeth . Now, most teeth whitening products use chemicals to bleach teeth, which makes many people worry if it harmful to health? If you do not want to use chemicals, Is there a healthy [...]

Protect your pet from dental problems by regular tooth cleaning

Healthy teeth are essential for dogs and cats! Nevertheless, diseases of teeth and gums are very common among our four-legged friends. This is also shown by scientific studies: “80% of all 3-year-old dogs and 70% of all 3-year-old cats suffer from a disease of their teeth or gums!” Precondition for the development of tartar is called plaque or plaque. This is a biofilm that consists of leftover food as well as bacteria and their metabolic products and deposits on the teeth. [...]

Are Teeth Whitening Kits Products Safe?

Teeth whitening is amongst one of the most popular procedures in dentistry. Teeth whitening makes teeth appear whiter, stain-free and makes the smile more aesthetically pleasing. There is a wide range of home-based teeth whitening products like teeth cleaning kit,toothpastes, films, and gels. Teeth whitening performed by dentist consists of bleaching agents. But these bleaching agents are high in chemical composition and need to be applied carefully by a dentist. How Does Teeth Whitening Work? The active component in most of the [...]

Why take care of your pet tooth

Why take care of your pet tooth Tartar actually starts off as plaque, which, if not removed, will harden onto teeth causing tartar. The buildup of tartar over time will irritate your dog’s gums and cause gingivitis. Oral care Preventative oral care, like brushing, can actually benefit your dog’s overall health, not just his oral health. The bacteria in a dog’s mouth can get out of control quickly without proper care. The bacteria can then leach into your pet’s bloodstream and cause [...]

Method way to remove tartar?

Effective Method way to remove tartar The tartar on the teeth is mainly composed of a mixture of food residue, epithelium of the oral mucosa, mucus in saliva and bacteria. The tartar is soft when it is formed. The calculus is mainly formed by accumulating mineral salts on the basis of tartar, such as the deposition of calcium salts. The calculus is relatively hard, and the adhesion to the teeth is very tight. The general brushing can not be brushed off, [...]

How to take care your teeth at home

How to take care your teeth at home “You have a beautiful smile, Why hide it, Flaunt it.” Years of not looking after your teeth, perhaps its lost its shine. That is no a problem, here at we have the know-how to bring back that perfect shine. It’s not just brushing and flossing that keep your teeth healthy — you also need to be careful about what you eat and drink. Remember, the plaque on your teeth is just waiting for that [...]

Why choose Teeth Whitening?

Why choose Teeth Whitening? People are choosing teeth whitening products to reverse the effects of: Aging Abuse from food Tobacco stains Why choose Teeth Whitening? | Millions of people suffer from teeth discoloration. Even those who routinely brush, floss, and have regular dental visits may find that certain foods, drinks, environmental factors, or just the passage of time can have an effect on natural teeth. Who does not wish to have whiter and brighter teeth? A bright sparkling smile can be a real kick to your [...]

The stain removal ability of teeth cleaning kit

The stain removal ability of teeth cleaning kit Methods the melamine sponge thickness of teeth cleaning kit was compressed and the destruction of the partition wall structure during the compression process was examined under a stereoscopic microscope. An extracted human tooth was cleaned by normal polishing or with teeth cleaning kit for 90 s. To evaluate the stain level, the tooth surfaces were photographed under a stereoscopic microscope at 0, 30, 60 and 90 s. The residual stained region was traced [...]

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