Method way to remove tartar?

Effective Method way to remove tartar

The tartar on the teeth is mainly composed of a mixture of food residue, epithelium of the oral mucosa, mucus in saliva and bacteria. The tartar is soft when it is formed. The calculus is mainly formed by accumulating mineral salts on the basis of tartar, such as the deposition of calcium salts. The calculus is relatively hard, and the adhesion to the teeth is very tight. The general brushing can not be brushed off, and it can be scraped off with a dental instrument.

Xiamen Share Nano introduces several effective methods for removing tartar to help you brighten your teeth quickly.

1. Strawberry to tartar

Material: one strawberry, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.

Method: The strawberry is ground into a paste, mixed well with the baking powder, and the mixture is evenly applied to the tooth surface with a soft toothbrush. After 5 minutes, the mixture is brushed off with toothpaste, and then gargle; remind everyone that strawberry Acid can damage the enamel of the teeth, and it is more suitable once a week.

2.  Vinegar to tartar

Material: vinegar

Method: Put a spoonful of vinegar in your mouth for 1 minute to 3 minutes, then spit it out – it can brush your teeth and fresh breath. It doesn’t have to be used continuously, it will be done in about 1 month.

3. Brown sugar brushing method

Material: brown sugar, light salt water

Method: Take appropriate amount of brown sugar into mouth for about 15 minutes, so that the whole mouth of the teeth are soaked in the sugar solution, and then brush with a harder toothbrush for 2 to 3 minutes, then brush with a light salt water for 1-2 minutes, You can use it for every 1 day.

4. cuttlefish bone tartar method

Material: cuttlefish bone

Method: Cuttlefish bones crushed into powder and put it on the toothbrush as a toothpaste. Cuttlefish has a large bone in the body. It can be scraped with a nail and can produce a lot of white powder. When these powders are used as toothpaste, the tartar can be cleaned and the teeth can be whitened.

Method way to remove tartar ,

Method way to remove tartar ,

5.Lemon juice to tartar method

Material: Fresh Lemon

Method: The lemon is peeled, juiced, wipe the teeth with a cotton swab after brushing the teeth. Wipe it carefully, but don’t touch too much juice, every time for 5 drops, wipe it back and forth. The principle is similar to vinegar, not only clean tartar, but also whiten teeth and fresh breath.

Method way to remove tartar ,shareusmile-teeth cleaning kit

Method way to remove tartar ,shareusmile-teeth cleaning kit

6. Teeth cleaning kit

Material: Teeth cleaning kit + Water

Wet sponge of share nano Teeth cleaning kit, wipe teeth as much areas as possible on two side, and wipe them in the same direction. You not only can get rid of smoke stains, but also refresh your breath and whiten your teeth.

7. Yeast powder descaling method

Material: yeast powder

Method: When brushing your teeth, adding a small amount of yeast powder to the toothpaste can help the teeth turn white.

Share Nano tell you that Daily brushing does not effectively clean teeth , and many people’s teeth are yellow or black. The problem of tartar not only affects the aesthetic problems of our teeth, but also causes inflammation of the gums and oral problems, so tartar can not be left! If It is serious, it is necessary to find a dentist to solve the problem.

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