Protect your pet from dental problems by regular tooth cleaning

Healthy teeth are essential for dogs and cats! Nevertheless, diseases of teeth and gums are very common among our four-legged friends. This is also shown by scientific studies:

“80% of all 3-year-old dogs and 70% of all 3-year-old cats suffer from a disease of their teeth or gums!”

Precondition for the development of tartar is called plaque or plaque. This is a biofilm that consists of leftover food as well as bacteria and their metabolic products and deposits on the teeth. If dental plaque is not removed on a regular basis, it hardens through the minerals contained in the saliva and becomes solid calculus. This leads to inflammation and decrease of the gums, to the exposure of tooth necks and to the damage of the periodontal apparatus – periodontosis.

These pathological changes are extremely painful for your pet. They impair the quality of life and can lead to behavioral disorders and altered feeding behavior.

How do you know that your pet suffers from dental problems?

Halitosis is often the first sign. This may come from the food. If the halitosis persists despite a change of diet, inflammation of the gums is often the cause. Regularly check your dog or cat’s teeth by gently lifting the lids. Plaque and tartar are increasingly deposited on the posterior molars and fangs. If the edge of the gums is red and bleeds when touched, the inflammation has progressed and a visit to the vet is highly recommended.

How can you protect your pet from dental problems?

Chew snacks and chews help in the removal of plaque. But that alone is not enough! A thorough and efficient cleaning of the teeth is only possible . Because, as with us humans, so also for your animal the daily tooth brushing is the most important basis for a healthy dentition.

What should you pay attention to in the daily cleaning of teeth?

With the daily cleaning of the teeth you should start very early. Regular tooth cleaning is quite possible. With a lot of patience, gentle procedure and the right tool, like the share nano new toothbrush, the cat quickly gets used to the daily cleaning of the teeth.



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