New Look teeth cleaning&whitening kit SH205

New Look teeth cleaning&whitening kit SH205

Magic New Teeth Cleaning & Whitening Kit is the best choice for your TAKE HOME Teeth Whitening,It can be completely CUSTOM BRANDED with your colors, your logo, and your design,On Sale


Product Configuration:2 Sticks + 5Sponge Refills

Suggested retail price:42 dollars

Material:Nano Sponge + PP handle, No chemicals

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New Look teeth cleaning&whitening kit Wholesale Instant Teeth Whitening for your smile

shareusmile New Look teeth cleaning&whitening kit SH-N205 at-home-teeth--Whitening

shareusmile New Look teeth cleaning&whitening kit SH-N205 at-home-teeth–Whitening

Smile  Look teeth cleaning&whitening kit is a type of professional in office teeth whitening that uses  the latest nano technology.the quickest tool for whiter smile Only need water . Teeth Cleaning Kit is available with any combination of teeth whitening items included and also available with customerlogo

New Product Advantages

1.Exterior upgrade

New design with overall line mellow, more atmospheric fashion ; And handle flat in line with the finger grip, visual impact is strong.

2.Color upgrade

Relative to the original light blue handle, this favors Yu Qing blue, refreshing and comfortable.

3.Unique cartoon graphic

Adding a cartoon tooth pattern on the handle is more playful and lively.

By using our magic teeth clean kit before whitening teeth, what are the main advantages?
1. Perfect Pre-Whitening Treatment.
2.  Magically erases and absorbs dental plaqu and teeth stains on teeth surface.
3. Maximize Whitening: cleans teeth allowing whitening gel to better penetrate the enamel
4. Much easier, quicker to achieve more professional teeth whitening result.



wholesale shareusmile teeth-cleaning and whitening-kit

wholesale shareusmile teeth-cleaning and whitening-kit

1-2 minutes Effect Whitening teeth
Chemical-free,Just with water, Easy to use and carry
Nano Technology, Physical Cleaning Principle
Smaller than toothpaste molecules, No hurt enamel
Patented and Innovative teeth cleaning tool, exclusive distributor wanted


Smile Teeth Whitening Kit has developed the most effective non-peroxide teeth whitening system in the world. By using the latest nanotechnology, SHARE Teeth Whitening Kit is to achieve a high effective cleaning without any chemicals. When it gets wet, each nano particle in the interior nano capillary tube, is much smaller than ten thousandth of a hair strand, has super absorption capacity and works fast to absorb the stains from your tooth surface.
Click here to learn the Working Principle of magic teeth cleaning kit!


Teeth Whitening Application

DIY clean teeth, ideal for removing stubborn teeth stains and tartar. Especially suitable for brown teeth caused by cigarette, coffee, tea, juice, chewing areca-nut, and other food colorings.
As gifts for promotion purpose, Personal Care, DIY Beauty Salon, Dental Clinic


Safe Material

SGS certificated melamine material, widely used for children tableware and kitchen cookware.
Nano-grade particle, hundreds times more tiny than toothpaste particle.
PP material is safe and eco-friendly, most of water pipes are made of PP material for health.
State-certified Exclusive Patent product.


Packaging & Shipping

There are various types of shipment for your choice. Express ways include DHL,FEDEX,TNT,UPS,EMS etc.Sea shipping is available as well, our port is in Xiamen.


Model Number:


Product Configuration:

2 Sticks + 5Sponge Refills


Nano Sponge + PP handle, No chemicals




Safe clean stubborn teeth stains caused by smoking or food colourings

Private Label:



Factory Direct Supplier,New design ,Color upgrade and Unique cartoon graphic,Exclusive Patent Product,Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details
Standard Export Package : Single in Retail Box + Bulk in Polybag + Master Carton.

Delivery Time
Shipped in 35 days after payment

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