Order from Korea customer share,Teeth cleaning kit customize packaging

Teeth cleaning kit Order from Korea customer
After careful design by Korean customers and our company, the outer packaging of teeth cleaning kit is mainly red and white, which is simpler and more fashionable for the market. Now all the production has been completed.

Teeth cleaning kit Order from Korea customer, more details on www.shareusmile.com

Teeth cleaning kit Order from Korea customer

Teeth cleaning kit is made of high-tech foam strips + PP plastic handles, and does not add any chemicals. It is a new type of environmentally friendly dental products, specializing in cleaning tooth stains caused by smoking and drinking tea/coffee. The technology foam (the particle is smaller than the hair of 1 million, much smaller than the toothpaste molecule) adopt physical cleaning mechanism, its internal nano-capillary can automatically absorb the tooth stain on the tooth surface, non-toxic and harmless, The material is soft and fine, and does not hurt the tooth glaze. Especially for teeth or teeth with obvious tartar, the cleaning effect is remarkable.

The teeth cleaning kit is developed by Xiamen Share Nano. Welcome dental cleaning products suppliers, teeth whitening merchants discuss,more details on www.shareusmile.com.

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