Do you know what the tooth color?—Pearly white?

Tooth color?—Pearly white?

In fact, teeth color depends on the enamel Calcification degree. Higher enamel Calcification degree, more transparent of enamel. Then, the tooth color in a deep region of the enamel Penetrates and presents light yellow. On the contrary, tooth color will become the abnormal white or cream.
So, it turns out the real sense of beautiful and healthy teeth-slightly yellow white, but not the pearly white you image!
We brush our teeth everyday, why they become more yellow and more black?

Do you know what the tooth color---Pearly white from shareusmile

Do you know what the tooth color—Pearly white from shareusmile

Exogenous coloring
There are lots of stickiness materials covered on the teeth surface. It is difficult to remove the teeth stains caused by smoking, beverage,coffee, and tea that adhered on the teeth surface for long time, then the teeth becomes yellow and black.

Dental plaque deposit
There are various kinds of bacteria, which can gether together with a saliva and food scraps on the teeth surface and become a layer of mucous and Bacteria living community, If bacteria growing continually and not removed effectively, the dental plaque come into being. It is also not easy to remove the dental plaque that will formed into yellow teeth.

Thoroughly recover your teeth color. White and bright.
Teeth cleaning kit 3 Main advantages:
1.Nano technology: nano tube technology, quickly remove the teeth stains
2.1 minute white: quickly remove the dental plaque
3.No hurt enamel: just with water, no contain chemicals
Teeth Whitening kit adopt Pure physical absorption working principle,just with water,quickly absorb the stains in the micro-hole on the teeth.Keep your teeth pearly white if long-term use.

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