The dog looks pretty, but what to do if dog have bad breath

The effective way to remove bad breath is to brush your dog's teeth

The effective way to remove bad breath is to brush your dog’s teeth

Many people neglect the cleanliness of the dog’s mouth, and think that it is a normal phenomenon that dog have bad breath. They will not pay attention and untill the dog’s oral problems become more and more serious.

The bad breath of puppies may be due to the tooth loss period, Adult dogs may be caused by dental calculus. When bacteria adhere, they will form plaque from the teeth. As time passed, the plaque will become hard and form dental tartar. If not, there may be gastrointestinal problems. When a dog’s respiratory system is infected or renal function is impaired,it can also cause the dog’s mouth to smell.

If dog have had breath , the effective way to remove bad breath is to brush your dog’s teeth.  You can solve the dog’s bad breath problem just spending two or three minutes every day. Of course, when brushing, you must ensure that the dog will not have fierce resistance.

What product is effective for pet teeth cleaning

Xiamen Share Nano pet toothbrush uses physical cleaning to remove tartar and tooth stains from pet teeth. This pet toothbrush is manufactured using nanotechnology and its internal nano capillaries (each particle is smaller than one ten thousandth of the hairline and is less than toothpaste The molecule is many times smaller), can easily adsorb the stains attached to the tiny holes of the teeth, effectively clean the stubborn tartar and stains caused by food pigments on the surface of the teeth. Just clean teeth with water only.

The method of use pet toothbrush is very simple. Moisten white nano-cleaning strip on the front of the pet’s teeth kit and gently wipe pet tooth surface in the same direction. You can clean tooth dirt easily. The larger contact area with cleaning stirp, the better the cleaning effect.

Do not use the side part to wipe teeth, avoid damage the gums; Replace the clean sponge strip, just insert the new nano strip into the fold, and then press it tightly.

Remember that the tip of maintaining pets’ good oral is to brush your teeth regularly like a human. Online purchase pet toothbrush can be placed on or call 18950016225.

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